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A small book to discuss questions about the world, it’s conceptions of GOD and human’s origin in a determined universe.

You are part of a scheme of meaning, free to choose, even if the mind is constrain by the brain. If you are not in charge, who’s in charge? Your human life is your on-going project. ENJOY IT.

You are living in a most interesting time, with the need to transcend society’s self-centeredness to fully awake your consciousness. Why the need to create a world in chaos before creating a new mindset? Where there is no vision, do people perish? Why are the current paradigms in science excluding consideration of the non-physical and the spiritual?

Why do scientists subscribe to the idea that this universe is a purposeless accident? Are humans spiritual beings evolving through temporary bodies? Is the distance between human and the divine much greater than the distance between beasts and human? Are there reasons why this gap cannot be close? The gap needs a personal transformation to rediscover the meaning of love.








1. Creation p.4

2. Evolution p.5

3. Genetic changes


4. Humans are not animals p.7

5. Space p.8

6. Darwin p.8

7. Humans p.10

8. Human culture p.11

9. The mind p.13

10. Women p.14

11. A global Alarm p.16

12. The soul of development p.17

13. National well-being p.18

14. God p.19

15. Religions p.21

16. Islam p.23

17. To all Imams and mullah p.24

18. The brain p.25

19. The age of financial unreason p.26

20. American illusions p.27

21. Reforming economic p.29

22. A road to unrest and suffering p.31

23. The code of the universe p.32

24. A network of minds p.33

25. Success p.34

26. Your three worlds p.35

27. Death p.35

28. What you can learn from America in this age of greed and uncertainty p.38

29. The art of living p.41

30. What moves you? p.43




Creation would not have come without a reason; it was a service, constrained by a necessity. Do not read evolution as something to be feared. There is no before or after to creation, your universe will pass but creation it is never over.

Quantum physics present you with truths about the Universe: matter is inscrutable.

Matter is not solid, not inert and not impenetrable. Physics, which has no place for consciousness, must understand the brain and accommodate the mental. Consciousness was present at the origin of your universe and is an indispensable part of the evolution.

Consciousness is present at the level of particle physics. The belief that the spirit is inside the brain, inside the skull, is a cultural delusion.

How can consciousness arise from the material world?

The content of consciousness cannot be reduced to a property of matter. The soul is not in the body, it is the body that is in the soul. You have to unlearn what you thought. Plants and animals species are information processing entities; it would be fruitful to regard them as having some intelligence…

Humans are not animals, but there are easy to indoctrinate. Evolution includes the thoughts of religions. Religions are placebo adaptations, their adaptiveness arise because they have many false beliefs. You should not dance to their music. No one sins with full knowledge. What is special about humans is there attention to what is good and beautiful and a dislike to what is bad an ugly. But they have become too accepting of the view that humans bear the indelible stamp of low origin.

Miopia is evident in the oft-cited fact that humans share 97% of there genes with apes or the nonsense about being alone in the Universes with 200 billions galaxies, or the false belief in nothingness after death. It is a false belief to deny the uniqueness of humans on the ground of its origin.



Reject the dogma of genetic determinism. Genes are influence by your behaviour; know the self. God does not ordain events in the history of nature. Admitting God is a scientific hypothesis as any other scientific hypothesis. Darwinism denies belief in mind, selfhood, ethic and meaning. You must challenge the idea of random mutation that lies at the heart of Darwinism.

Though is creative, the soul is but cannot be found. Science is not the sole criteria of truth. Non-being is prior to being.

Evolution involves a direction; an inherent tendency to complexification. But the diversity of possible itineraries demonstrates that no finale can be specified. Results cannot be predicted even if selection is constrained. There are a finite number of viable avenues.

Some will say that humans are an accident, the fruit of chance and randomness. Living cells, let alone a human, could not arise by chance where the universe not pregnant with it. Creationists believe that the designer is God. The designer is a very, very big version of you. Cooperation is the basic of evolution, not self-interest. Life cannot be understood by atomistic thinking.

In a colony of ants, the central control unit cannot be localized. There mutual relation produces an emergent entity. That mode of thinking demands a new way of thinking; living system that knows the state of the whole. There are different hierarchic levels of cognition depending upon the complexity of the living organism.

Human consciousness makes possible the emergence of ideas that are outside your world.

Spirit is the prehistory of matter, thus perception include subjective data from the world of the psychic. All lives on earth are dependant; humans are the most dependant.

Cooperation is to be prioritized for humans are very dependent on ecosystems of organisms, plants and animals, down to prokaryotes.

Whenever one member of a species learns a new behaviour, the causative field for this species is change. If the behaviour is prepares for a long time, by its members, its morphic resonance affects the entire species. There is no exalted purpose behind human life. The life itself is the purpose until the created become the creator. Evolution is a extremely slow process for only perfection becomes the material on which universes are made.

Each one is related to each other. Nothing happens in one universe that does not affect the others… The process of evolution is highly dependant upon the cooperation tendencies inherent in all life. It is important for your future that you keep the faith. Faith 6

is creative, fulfilling, it draw from your soul all the ingredients, impulses, intuitions, dreams and motivations necessary for the ego. Having no faith is a destructive force ; it inhibits the creative mind, it stagnates the emotions and kills hope.

You have put yourselves in a position where your consciousness must become aware of your probable future. It is urgent, humans must be aware of the changes you want to make and alter the present to get the future you desirer.

Intuition plays a major part in psychic development. Meditation and prayers will help the intuitive development.

Scientifics write about heredity; where is the psychic blue print, the memory of our past lives, the character at birth, the collection of feelings, special interests, skills and fears, attractions and repulsions? You have soul evolution with reincarnation; for the soul will seek to create conditions to learn its lessons and gain self-mastery by being attracted to an environment that will give the needed lessons.


Genetic changes are not able to chance a reptile into a mammal or a fish into an amphibian. Language requires an extra dimension. Evolution consists in the emergence of new levels to increase complexity and novel forms of causality.

Each level of life as its own logic, feedback cycles, flow of causes and rules. Nothing is there by chance. Do not accept randomness or natural selection without proof; it is as vacuous as the creationist claim that God did it. Evolution involves the reutilization of materials to create complexity, fitness and adaptation.

Natural selection is not sufficient to understand evolution, it explain the evolution of a trait, but not the existence of those traits. All novelty must arise from mutation since that which can be selected is very restricted.

Cultural selection can be more powerful than biological selection. Evolution will always be in need of interpretation. Evolution involves direction, structure and randomness. The notion that humans can live with morality without consequences is misguided and dangerous.

It is morality that distinguishes humans from animals. Members of a group, possessing a high degree of courage, sympathy and ready to give aid to others will be victorious. This is a natural selection; a key element in the evolutionary mechanism.


Claims for the primacy of the gene have distorted biology. The gene is a follower, not a leader. It is not autonomous, it is context dependent; it as meaning only within the system as a whole. A body cannot be atomized, decomposed into traits that natural selection then select. Genes are polyphonic and polygenic.


Materialist presumes the soul is inside the body. Since they cannot find it, they deny it existence. Multilevel selection needed to explain the origin of organisms.

Natural selection is itself not the cause of evolution but an effect. Life is a mixture of self preservation, altruism and self-transcendence. If selfishness was a primary ingredient of evolution, survival would not survive. You are the product of reciprocity.

There are more then 200 billions galaxies. This one became a home for self-conscious humans about 4 millions years ago. Humans are the result of a plan, a very long process of trial and errors; successful species adapting to their environment. Only 6% of all created species are still on earth. All animals share a common tool kit of master genes that govern the formation of bodies. The high complexity of a living cell makes chance-driven evolution impossible.

Even if humans and apes share 98% of all genes, the 2% difference translate in more than 340 millions base pairs of different DNA sequences. The two are unrelated. Humans are different species. Even if you share 96% of all genes with a mouse chromosome, there are enormous differences.

Incremental selection plays a very small part. There are no incremental linkages, continuity, between animals and human. You are a class of your own with reasoning power, freedom, emotions, in a world of your imagination, perception and intuitions.

You must reject and fight the idea of continuity from beast to human. Many characters differentiate human’s forms from animal: brain structure and size, limb length, cranial size and shape, thorax shape, small teeth, long gestation periods, reduce body hairs shape spine, pelvis dimension and motor skills, etc.

Spiritual humans are conceived to speak to God. This is a powerful asset, a real privilege to use with free will.



Some scientists insist that there are no designs behind human’s emergence. They are playing a negative role in world conditions. The creator is within you. Evolution does not only march from the part to the present, the desired states of the future alter the present.

Evolution is an extremely slow process for perfection to be made.

Science, seeking the truth, must create an ethic, for knowledge doesn’t make morals; intelligence alone cannot give perspectives and help solve your world problems.

The principle of a precaution must apply. There is design behind human’s emergence.

There is much, much, much more to the universe than meets the eye.

Equations drive the interactions from particles to galaxies; they have beautiful attributes: universality, simplicity, inevitability and effectiveness. Many invisible forces underlie your evolution. These forces are harmony, efficiency, consistency, causality, creativity, rationality, equivalence and symmetry.

Empty space is far from been empty. Each universe follows laws, patterns, rules and principles. Each remains forever separated since no material information can travel faster than light. Your universe is one of many. To travel you must adjust your consciousness for other intelligences are alive within this solar system.

No religion or actual science comes close to even approaching a conceptual framework that could explain the dimensions of the multiples universes. Each atom possesses a consciousness. Religions with heavy theoretical structure will pass; fiction to be replace by new knowledge for a new paradigm.


Why does 20 000 bees behaves as a unitary whole? Properties are within the organism, a holistic behaviour emerging from the limited behaviour of its parts. The brain of a bee operates with a memory of 6 days, the hive as a whole as a memory of 3 months.

Where is the architecture of memory in the hive mind? Where are the different functions of the collective brain? Where are the collective controls? No one is in control but there is a multitude of simultaneous and interdependent actions.

Your theory of evolution must explain and unify why there are 70 separate chemical reactions in photosynthesis; this doesn’t happen by chance or by natural selection.

Complex species are not formed by numerous slight modifications. Natural selection doesn’t produce feelings, emotions, intuitions, empathy and morality.


Darwin cannot explain cosmology or the 9 millions species by a cumulative process of selection. Natural selection doesn’t explain the origin of life, the big gaps between animals and man or woman.

Your theory of evolution must explain and unify the meaning and the purpose of life, in space-time, its causes and effects, its mechanisms and physical laws. Integrates humans cannot come about through blind indirect laws.

Humans are not the focus of creation. The world doesn’t exist just for you. You are players in a big story, creating possibilities for spirits to incarnate. Each species is an art form; a Chihuahua is not a Dane, not a Labrador not a Bull Terrier or a Pekinese. They don’t come from the same pond.

Similar, even if dogs, chickens and humans have embryos that look similar, they don’t descend from the same common ancestors. Do not reduce life to biology, chemistry and psychics. Chemistry will never give the essence of life. The key to the evolution of life is in the understanding of the creative power of your collective spirit. Don’t focus on one mechanism to explain evolution. Where the end of species meets the subspecies don’t interbreed.

Time did not develop the eyes. Complexity has a very complex explanation. Not chance, not natural selection, or God. To think of God as the explanation is not a good thesis.

There are too many imperfections in this world, to many genetic mistakes; the giant reptiles, the dinosaurs, the 10 meters sea-lion and the 15 tonnes Pliosaur.

As Charles Darwin said; “it is not the strongest of the species that survives. Nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is the most able to change. The highest possible stage in moral culture is when you recognize that you ought to control your thoughts.” A belief in God has an adaptive utility and must be examined by the scientific method.

The presumption that an affiliation with one of the myriad of religions organizations is beneficial must be verified.

Humans are not apes and not fallen angels. This specie as a vastly underappreciated capacity for cooperation. Scientists must seek an explanation for the remarkable factor of your existence.

Human minds create and sustain religious beliefs to offer comfort in the harsh world you have created; it may be used for good or for evil. Religious belief offer sets of rules but it don’t eliminate your need for serious thoughts.

Some say that if it weren’t for religion, you would be immoral and unethical. We refute this. Your brain is ethical by design. Humans use religion to be part of an in-group; it is easier not to think, to follow authority and to be a mental slave. There is much less mental effort than making one’s own decisions.


C. Darwin was not a atheist as he is portrayed to be. In this 1876 autobiography he admits the impossibility of conceiving this universe, including man, as the result of chance or necessity. He said “I feel compelled to look to a first cause having an intelligent mind and deserve to be called a theist.”


With no sex between the species, explain the mixing of the genome or the creation of new organisms? The apes have a brain of 400CC, a human of 1400CC. Are humans that close to apes? How can high brain power come from very low brain power? How did you create bimetallism or the ability to speak? Where does your consciousness come from?

The Big-Bang requires 15 cosmological constants; where did they come from? What fixed them with no latitude to be different? Humans are unfinished project with limited religions, sciences and ethics. Extinction of species serves the creative process. At time of great stress, genetic mutation will increase to create complex human.

Plants and animals are information processing entities, intelligent and adaptive into their niche. One cannot understand life without making sense of eco-systemic life. Each species is woven in a supporting community. It is not survival of the fittest, but survival of the sharers. Morality must be for mutual cooperation. In your ethic there should be respect for ecosystems. You are the keeper of the garden.

Evolution requires reincarnation for each to participate in the evolution of reality with more holistic information from many varied universes. There is no God manipulating micro-events to produce macro-events. No God’s will. All religions can be dismissed as not referring to any realities. God will fulfill their egocentric desirers.

Is evolution without purpose? What kind of theories can put wings on dinosaurs to make them birds? Micro-men are powerless to explain the big story; the rise of life from matter to mind; not a trivial detail. Your universe as an explanation outside it-self, outside scientific inquiries.

Your universe is one component of far grander, hidden reality. Consider a variety of parallel universes; each part of a larger whole, separated by space and time. Each reality hidden from all others; a vast collection of universes in which every possible furl is realised.

The cosmos is infinite, but no location is special. Earth is 93 millions miles from your sun in order for you to have water. This reveals an in-built bias, not a lucky coincidence.



Human culture holds no accepted view of human nature; the development of a consensus is essential. Is this universe were just about your species, it would be a waste of matter and space.

What is well-being? Well-being is spiritual, mental and physical. Spiritual is about faith; faith is inspiration, faith gives certainty, trust. Faith is the intuition that God can be an experience within you.

Faith is a strong conviction that humans are a work in progress and that the only fear are those in your mind. Spirituality is about love; absorbing and giving love. Spirituality is about hope; an ability to imagine a positive future for humans. Spirituality is about the belief in the efficacy of meditation and prayers. Spirituality is about joy; it enlarges the self and others to create social bonding. Spirituality is about forgiveness; spirituality is about compassion; the desire to help, to care for unrelated others as for the self. And spirituality is about illumination; a sense of infinity, to feel connected to the universe.

Mental well-being is about the development of positive emotions, your engagement and its meaning, your social relationships and accomplishments. Physical well-being is about regular exercise, intake of quality nutrition, enough sleep, quality health care, balance time between meaningful work and pleasurable activities.

The human quest for material security will never satisfy you. You must answer what make you human? Spirituality is about cleaning the layers of illusions to perceive greater realities. Why are you here, having a physical, mental and emotional experience?

You must take responsibility for your evolution and not be a slave of others people thoughts. It is your responsibility to think beyond the smallness of your culture, your ethnic group, your gender, your country, to free the mind of prejudices and fears.

So your religion does not favour women. Whose life is it? Take ownership, you are the author. Assume personal control and responsibilities to create a resilient mindset. Look in the self and ask what you can do differently to change the situation of women in your country. Why do you keep doing the same script? The golden rule is a cornerstone of living resiliently, create new scripts in accord with your goals and select the one that will bring success.

Culture is a primary obstacle to development; it is cultures that determine the well-being of a society; economic equity; political democrat and mental well-being. How can you change or remove obstacles to progress without major trauma? Will there be political leadership to substitute for disaster, in a century where optimism has been replaced and economic development.


Both rich and poor must have a strong incentive to improve their condition through accumulation, creativity, in a climate of liberty. Submission leaves a society without innovators. To trust others is values that favour development, mistrust result in the law of the jungle. A favourable society involves the interests of the future generations.

To change you must realize that there are options. Most state of human misery are found in the feeling of helplessness that create feelings of inadequacy, inability and inaction.

See the self from the position of another. Success is found by examination of the successful, the resolutions are those that emphasize your good points. Are your fears valid? Are your fears useful? To whom are you giving authority on your life? Give yourself the permission to become more, opens the door for self-authority. You are the center of your universe and you created your problems; no one else can solve them but you.

Where is a technique; write out a statement on a card and read it before going to sleep, every night, for 90 days;

I want …………… and every day as I move to achieving this, I become more relax.

I now decide to observe more about my surroundings and include more of what I want


I give myself the ability to see that emotions expressed by others are tools they use to achieve their goals.

I am a part of a new order of thinking that brings people closer.



Spirituality does not depend on obedience or revealed truths. Responsibility does not require abnegation, poverty or chastity. A spiritual seeker does not depend on the truth of Guru, Priest and Rabbi. To become powerful is to be powerful from within.

The mind as an autonomous existence from the brain. Consciousness is not limited to humans; it does not arise from nerve cells. With the evolution of physical forms came the evolution of conscience; the perception of reality. The future of humans is not to go farther into space, it is to go inward in meditation to perceive intuitions to solve your massive problems with a new mindset to govern the thinking.

Your universe is 14 billions years old, why limit you existence to 75 years? The golden rule is in all religions; do to others as you would have them do to you. Even is there is no hell or heaven, no reward or punishment, it is better to think in terms of a multi-lifetime process of education. Scientists, by saying that humans are nothing more than a physical ape originating by chance in a random universe, are undermining the ethical and moral of society.

It is true that your religious dogmas are all irrational. But rejecting the existence of the spiritual is also irrational. It is irrational to think that greed, cowardice, rape or murders have no effect on the soul. Drugs will not open the mind to new realities, the study of your dreams will. Do you really think that a God created the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Or there is only your universe or nothing beyond the physical? That you will escape the pleasures or pain caused to others?

It is time for you to understand the rules on which your universe runs. This is important for the future of your specie. Current paradigms are very materialistic. What kind of world do you want to build?

Your brain is constructed to perceive and generate spiritual realities. With meditation your neural functioning will change; new dentrites and new synaptic connections will be made and will improve your physical and emotional health. God can be a feeling that will generate peacefulness, compassion, hope and meaning.

Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga should be introduce in all schools to improve your children’s performance, well-being and social awareness, decrease their anxiety, self-doubt and concentration loss.

You change your exterior by changing your thoughts and your desirers and forgetting fears. Unless you realize you are free, you cannot use your freedom. One of the objectives of your life is to fill it with joy so that it spill into the life of others.


Men become derange if they believe life has no meaning. This will be reflected on the body. It creates decadence. Your decadence is a sign of inward collapse. Abstain from decadence without judging those who participate in it. Allow everyone to have their truth; they will learn. Many are lost in social consciousness; fame, power, money. Their ability to contact the spiritual is lost.

No one can hope to glimpse the nature of the psyche without encouraging dream exploration and the use of dreams education in walking life. A dream is a message sent to your ego by the inner self. Through conscious manipulation of your dreams you will change your reality. Create a dream; you get what you concentrate upon.

Repeat relentlessly, each night; “I will remember my dreams. I enjoy a deep communication with my inner self. My dreams show me solutions to my problems.” The greatest gift you can give is to point out to another their capabilities and abilities and help them see how to unlock them for themselves.

Your emotions follow your thoughts. Choose your response. You must overcome the approval addiction. Try to do what you love.

Outward success is not success is it is not the manifestation of inner mastery. Real greatness is the result of the development of your character over time. Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.


A woman as the total right to decide what happens to her body; pregnancy is a commitment, not an obligation. The foetus should have the right to be treated with empathy and expect the parents to care. Roulette should not be part of the psychology of creating a family.

As a woman get control on your fertility. All religions are male-centered to entrench male dominance in work, politics and life. Reclaim your rights. Gender inequities reflect deficiencies in your political engagements. Put social pressures to enhance social justice and environmental preservation. What is a proper range in wage inequality? Is it fare that some workers get 30 times the lowest wage?

The role of education for women and the need for women’s voice in public affairs is central to reduce population growth. Why are so many countries, members of the United Nations, not respecting the universal declaration of human rights? Should you not demand fair trade with free trade?


The female brain has tremendous aptitudes; verbal agility, big communication and emotional centers, ability to diffuse conflicts, better social skills and emotional intelligence. There isn’t a unisex brain. The male brain is not the norm. Hormones will create a unique brain for each human. In some case, the brain’s architecture will create a gay male brain that is similar to a woman brain. No force of the will can change the sexual orientation.

Is your religion lacking compassion, with women denied the liberty except to breed, in which woman and girls remain vanquished? Is your religion failing to protect women from sexual exploitation, putting constrain on your ability to negotiate marriage terms, favouring polygamy, giving men the sole right to divorce?

You have the responsibility to remove the self-from the myths and dogma of false religions. One should not be trapped by the religion of the parent. Parents have the responsibility not to practice indoctrination, with blind beliefs and dogma.

With the very intense pressure of overpopulation in the world’s poorest countries for the essentials of life and with speculation created by edge funds on raw materials, it will be very important to give more authority to women to lower the birthrate, raise female education, create better farming techniques and make more investment in the land.

Women must be help to fight the dominance of men, to have the right to own and inherit property, to start a business protected by laws, to be involve in politics, to change family laws to have the right to family planning; to have the right to a dignifies life, free of poverty, women must practice birth control.

Countries that ignore the equality of women will be in grave peril, unrest will become inevitable. Government leadership in a market economy is essential. The family is the basic unit of society; family stability is vital. Education ought to be the civil religion of society to built character, ethic, cognitive intelligence and skills, cultural competence and encourage self-cultivation. Women organizations must create a sense of urgency. The development of this world must place women in a position to make social rules, to rethink and realign the mix of religions and rights in your culture.

You cannot ignore the whole world except your own country. Find organized outlets to demonstrate and protest about injustices and for environmental sustainability. As human you are enormously more powerful than other species, you have the responsibility towards other species. If you have the power to make a change that will reduce injustice, then you have the responsibility and obligation of power. You cannot close your eyes to what is happening and will emerge for the next generations. Futures generations have rights to a sustainable environment.

Are there limits to the earth’s capacity to cope with your abuse? Will the climate get warmer? Will it cause food shortage, geopolitical instability and conflicts among nations?

Are you in a phase of denial until the crisis is full-blown? World leaders are giving speeches, protecting the national economic interest in an immature global governance 16

structure. You are dealing with changes that are irreversible. Failure is unforgiving. Take a precautionary approach to sustain future generations.


Without global alarm, your planet will travel a most dangerous time. The inertia in political systems is very powerful. Resilience will be an important quality to develop in children. Since your major problems are systemic, they cannot be solved with actual political organizations and mode of thinking.

Extreme fluctuations will produce the birth of a new world, a new global consciousness for a new level of evolution. Crisis will serve as evolutionary catalysts; test to asses if humans are psychologically and spiritually fit to live on this planet, in harmony with nature. Instability will generate fears, it is your responsibility to try to generate optimism with the development of ESP; telepathy, clairvoyance, new perception and precognition.

As you discover that an environment holocaust can be more disastrous as a nuclear holocaust, you will create a new paradigm for your children. Preserving natural habitats and adopting environment protection. You will repeat your past with your actual suicidal ecological mismanagement.

The new culture will reduce poverty, the lack of education and family planning; it will increase sex education, medical research end economic stability. Global development demands democracy, effective international institutional directives and fair trade with free trade.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is the most able to change. Don’t blame others of you don’t see options or live by the rules of others. Suffering will not bring God closer.

Your choices made this world, it is your choice to see problems or create opportunities. It will be your choice to create happiness or emptiness, joy or apathy. Real power will be to create options to raise others in skills and bring them to create options for success. What is success?

Protection of the environment is an essential part of a state regulatory framework within which firms have to operate. With your power to destroy nature, there is a high risk of inadequate regulation. The global nature of the problem means only a global solution.

Today denial is the dominant response. It is all about which country is going to gain an edge over the others until it’s too late to influence the outcome; threats to your food 17

supply, to your economic growth, your fish, forests, etc. Since 1990, emissions are doubling every 35 years.

An appreciable climate change is inevitable since the time lag between action and result is 20 years. It is physically impossible to remove 8000 coal power plants and 2000 oil power plants. You are addicted to growth, oil and freedom. The inertia against change in human society and the global economy is very, very powerful. Any hope of a massive intervention required to avert the crisis is an illusion. Continued growth for all is impossible. There is a need for a serious crisis to create the opportunities for a change in your lifestyles, values and in your capitalist system.

This era of system stress will bring you to a higher stage of evolution and consciousness.

Despair is not effective. It’s a global problem with a lack of coherent global governance.

The quest for material security does not ultimately satisfy. You are in need of larger questions, beyond the self. Becoming enlightened requires a daily effort to be compassionate with principles. Spirituality is cleaning away the layers of illusion.

The world problems are not the result of a clash of civilizations, but a clash of levels of consciousness.


Culture and values are the soul of development for they shape hopes, fears, attitudes, actions and dreams. The influence of culture is central to the goal of reducing poverty and injustice in your world: the right to security and liberty, the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to education, medical care and social services, the right to chose government representative.

Is your religion a powerful force of progress, nurturing rationality, promoting ethical behaviour, education, work and innovation? Is your religion resistant to democracy, social justice and economic development, nurturing irrationality, focussing on hell-heaven, resignation and blocking the role of women?

Human are responsible for their destiny. A progressive culture will focus on the future, feed trust, promote creativity, responsibility, gender equally, and create a wall between religion and the civic sphere. A culture against progress will favour fatalism, focus on the past, promote dependency and mistrust, women will be subordinated to men, and children will be perceived as a gift from a God, not related to the family’s capacity to educate them.


Prosperity requires an ethic that celebrates the value of personal accomplishment, a work ethic, an ethic that combines democracy, social justice and economic prosperity.

Prosperity requires an education system that favour civic and political participation, encourage personal responsibility, discussion of social issues, freely and openly. You must be encouraged to think and exercise free will.


The pillars of national well-being are good governance, democratization, a separate system of courts, equitable and stable share of wealth with social programs that include pension for all, unemployment insurance to stabilize income, universal education and medical care, preservation of the environment and a culture that promote values of services, cooperation, and balance between family life and work.

Economic growth should no go to the wealthiest 35% of the population. Added well-being for the wealthier groups should not come from money but from their occupation, status, time with family, or services to others. It is important to have a good unemployment insurance program for the effects of losing one’s occupation will create distress, depression, drugs or alcohol abuse and suicide.

Many factors correlate with national well-being: the rule of law, a low level or corruption, respect of minority groups, civic engagement with many opportunities to participate, direct democracy with referendum, affordable child care and quality pre-school education.

Growth has a moral value if it nurtures the empathy and optimism, the social solidarity and permits more policies to help the poor, for poverty is not solved merely by growth.

Growth is a mean, not an end in itself. People should be trouble by a high inequality of income.

Members of the richest quartile should not be able to buy a political campaign with their financial contribution. Equal political rights is a must with public financing of campaigns.

Full-time employment during the first 6 months of a child will lead to lower ability in childhood. The amount of stimulation an infant receives has lasting effects: paid parental leave is required to increase the well-being of parents with child care support. Effort to promote well-being need programs to strengthen marriage and family with prenatal counselling to reduce the divorce rate.


Wealth must be created in ways that involves no harm to the environment to generate real prosperity. Wealth begins in the mind, what you think and believe about yourself and your development; aligning your life with your values and talents. Great people have a vision of their lives, they work on it.

Genuine prosperity will not be won at the expense of the natural environment. The foundation of global wealth is a healthy natural environment. Economics has counted only what is countable, not what really count; the environment has an envelope containing, provisioning and sustaining the entire economy.

14 GOD

God will always be the product of your imagination. There is no objective view of God.

Humans adopt a particular conception of God because it works for them. A God who speaks, punish and reward, sending plagues, killing first born, opening sea, drowning an army, choosing a people, having a son, speaking to popes, etc. These are men create myths.

Get rid of all religions with a God that is a lawgiver, a judge, a God that terrorize or make rules. This deity is an aberration from immature religions, an idea that limits your free will and stunts your creativity.

Some religions glorify death. Never tolerate any religion with magical thinking. Raise the level of debate without religion control of institutions. The glorification of the beyond prevents enjoyment. Formulate en ethic less obsesses with death, hell, hatred of sexuality, obedience and submission, less rituals and taboos, dress codes and mutilations.

A religion lust for power will teach a second coming of a Christ, that your soul is rewarded after death or that there is a final retribution either in hell or in a heaven, that there is a final judgment, a trinity, hell for those who refuse to be converted, a God plan to transform humanity. This is a lust for power.

A church lust for power it will sell conduct for paradise, indulgences to absolve murders, using excommunication to generate fear, burn heretics or anyone who does not agree with the infallible hope.

As your church used torture to condemn heretics, Jews and women? As your church create the inquisition that could so no wrong? Since the inquisitors were paid from the proceed of confiscation, popes amassed great fortunes. They never lost a case; no appeal were permitted, with no legal representation and no defence witness allowed.


The inquisition deprived humans of their citizenship, locking them in gettos, suppresses free thoughts and presumes the accused guilty. Popes giving land and titles to their children, their mistresses and family.

As your religion excommunicated Luther for his opposition to burning heretics and the selling of indulgences to the rich? As your religion put Copernicus on the index for his statement that earth moved around the sun?

Your brain is constructed to perceive and generate spiritual realities. With meditation, if you contemplate God, your neural functioning will change; new dendrites and new synaptic connection will improve your physical and emotional health. God is feelings that generate peacefulness, compassion, hope and meaning.

Some writers have said that religions are hazardous. The problem is authoritarianism, the desire to impose your beliefs when you think that there is absolute truth. This creates anger, intolerance, extreme idealism in religion and politics and generate aggression; you lose your ability to be rational and to listen to others.

Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga should be introduce in schools to improve your children’s performance, well-being and social awareness, decrease their anxiety, self-doubt and concentration loss.

If you think God causes earthquakes and human disasters, is authoritarian, critical or distant, this can be hazardous to your health. Fear-based religions generate medical problems and poor recovery rates. The personality you give your God can correlate with some neurological development.

An authoritarian definition of God will generate religious prejudice, intolerance, fear, pessimistic thoughts, irritability and anger. The choice is yours how you perceive God.

Your God image reflects the state of your consciousness. Not understanding yourselves, you have put God outside of yourselves and your living framework.

God is unique for each human. It is a feeling. There are no such things as the will of God apart from your own will. Destiny is not preordained. It is ordained by you with whatever ideal of thought you desire. That is love on the grandest scale; the freedom of movement, the freedom of expression without judgement, the freedom of being without fear and guilt, the freedom of creating life on your own terms.

There is no sin but the sin of deliberately harming another. Intent is of prime importance.

Most criminal act out of a sense of despair, they feel powerless, so they strike with anger.

You are the judge and juries of your actions. Healing is helped by the creation of a new set of ideals, the forgiveness of others and the self, the displaying of humour, the integration of music and dreams therapy in a holistic approach to healing.

Mental problems are increasing because of the economic and social environment with the religious framework you have created. Despair, shame and guilt can cause such disorder. One must try to create a repertoire of pleasurable incidents from which to draw, 21

picture the scene happening, fell the self there, smell it, taste it, praise the self, laugh at the self, imagine the self rich, joyful and then let go. You get what you concentrate on.

Love yourself enough to feel worthy to receive the source. Remove yourself from the laws of religious beliefs and dogma and try the noble path; right belief, right aspiration, right speech, right conduct, right work, right effort and begin your unique relation with the source.


Religion is not instinctive truth; myths are based in mental development seeking assurance, hope, rituals, promise of a better life, personal rewards and punishment for others and support for your wars. Religious behaviour does create benefits in primitive societies, creating a moral fabric to enhance social cohesion and shape social behaviour, create willingness to help others, create a belief in supernatural enforcer behind your moral standards. Religion is a collective activity while spirituality is individual.

Religion needs the community to create moral law, a strong moral fabric, emotional commitment, while groups of men use religion to coordinate collective activities, use the supernatural powers they pretend to have to foster their interests. Men decide on the behaviours they want their society to follow and then they create books with God endorsement of their ideas. These men rule with rewards and punishments for compliance or disobedience. With fear of punishment, with the pretence that their God is watching, they keep women and others men in line.

Judaism was created for the aggressive advocacy of a promise land for a chosen people.

Divine directives were created to destroy the Hittites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites. Sacred books to support an expansionist political agenda and mobilize the population for wars. There were no exodus from Egypt, the Israelites did not escape from captivity, they did not spent 40 years traversing the desert; all is legend, a construct for nationalist theme to unify the people and create a kingdom for Saul, David and Salomon.

Christianity was used by Constantine and Theodosius to give the Roman Empire a religion. A political act aim to attract new followers, to stop the declining fertility of Romans and stop female infanticide that was common in Rome. With very good marketing, Paul fused Judaism with elements of the cults of the Egyptian church and the Coptic to create a new faith.

Islam was create150 years after Muhammad to rule a new Arab empire. The ruler needed a new faith, a new book to develop a new faith, independent of Judaism and Christianity; a unifying religion with a human prophet. It was a success. It inspired the loyalty and 22

unity needed to unite many different peoples in a huge empire from Spain to India. This moral system provided a set of rules and incentives to resolve conflicts within the group.

The use of fear is important in Islam to force community’s rules and ensures the society’s survival. All religions use fear of punishment for their survival.

The core of a religion is not truth, it is the commitment off the people to behaviour that will help the survival of the elite and its military strength. For this it will use stoning, burning, crusades, divine punishments, fear of disease and natural calamities, to induce members of a community to lay aside their self-interest for the survival of the elite by saying that it is good for society.

Each human is responsible for their circumstances. Meeting self is meeting the results of your actions. Actions and thoughts bring their effect. Thoughts are things. Whatsoever you sow, that shall you also reap. This cause and effect principles puts aside all notions of retaliation, retribution or outside judgment. It is not a matter of paying a debt; it is coming to grips with that which the self has built without respect of time. You are not a victim if you have created your reality.

You had a history before your birth. You are the programmer of your drama; psychic, spiritual and biological. You are here for the playing in physical form, to learn how to create with responsibility, to learn compassion, patience, experience deep emotions, creating beauty or enemies. Each human’s experience becomes part of a psychic bank, belonging to the species. This is a heritage from which human can draw before birth.

No son of God was sent on earth to be a saviour. The Christos is a Greek word for an energy that will broaden the self, open your spiritual centers, as you progress. With many reincarnations, all humans will regain there spiritual consciousness and there access to the fruits of the spirit: psychic development and energies.

A human is a spirit with a free will. Your body is the temple of the source. The promise land is your body and mind flooded with divide energies. Persevere and you will wear a crown and receive the hidden manna in your spiritual centers. Spiritual growth is contained in two principles; seek the truth in all activities, services the development of the human specie.

No single religion can speak with finality about the ultimate reality. There are benefits to study all religions and to become sensitive to the thinking of others. A religion should stress humility, mutual trust, the search for the truth and knowledge and to live in harmony in a world of contradictions.

Is your religion creating stress and anxiety? A particular religion cannot give salvation.

Only moral intuitions and principles should guide your spirituality.

All religions fail for they give to women a status of fixed subordination to men. Ethical concepts are human creation. You are your teacher? With billions of humans altering 23

earth’s climate, it is imperative that you begin speaking about the absurdities of religious beliefs. They are virus affecting your world. Discover the freedom of your consciousness to cultivate compassion and ethical intuitions.

The goals of a spiritually directed person could be: Application; as you apply, more is given. Fill the self with joy so that spill into other.

Cooperation; less selfishness to permit receptivity.

Courage; live your beliefs.

Creativity; meditation is a door to open channels.

Leadership; use opportunities to raise others.