A Simple Exposition of the Principles of Psychology in Relation to Advertising HTML version

XI. The Feelings and the Emotions 12^
XII. Appeals to the Customer's Sympathy 137
XIII. Human Instincts . 149
XIV. Suggestion 173
XV. The Will : an Analysis 186
XVI. The Will : Variety in Action 197
XVII. Habit .215
XVIII. The Habit of Reading Advertisements 222
XIX. The Direct Command .233
XX. The Psychological Value of the Return Coupon . . .
XXI. Attention 260
XXII. Attention Value of Small and of Large Spaces ...
XXIII. The Mortality Rate of Advertisers 302'
XXIV. The Value of Advertising Space Next to Reading
Matter 311
XXV. Psychological Experiment 324
XXVI. The Psychology of Food Advertising 335
XXVII. The Laws of Progressive Thinking 358
XXVIII. The Unconscious Influence in Street Railway
tising 366
XXIX. The Questionnaire Method in Advertising .... 375
XXX. The Social Service of Advertising . ' 395
XXXI. Bibliography 409