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other, two darling little boys, and this tannery. I wanted to get on with our lives, but not Walther. He became
obsessed with revenge--an obsession that cost him not only a loving family that needed him--but also his
dreams and future. Tonight was the fifth time I have seen him in twenty-
The Strays
Metal-shod hooves clattered noisily upon the
Villeroi and his score of men-at-arms had
Undaunted by the incessant rain falling
from an oppressively dark sky, the lady of the
castle hastened forth from the imposing great
keep, lifting the hem of her dress off the wet
Rain cascaded down his nose as Sir
Tristram de Villeroi looked down at his petite
she asked, crestfallen.
rrived, dear wife. They came at us like
Tristram opened his riding cloak to reveal a young slip of a girl wearing a linen nightshirt huddled
against his
* * *
bathed and dressed in warm nightclothes, ten-year-old Jehennette slept fitfully before the roaring fire.
Sir Tristram did not answer immediately, and when it came, he spoke as though from a great
- these peasant rebels are worse than wild dogs. What they did to that
A female grey cat detached itself
scratched her chin, and she purred loudly in response.
- that has to count for something. I just hope we can accommodate
Jehennette better than the last stray
- even
the servants - in a frenzy of slashing claws and