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Dreams Forsaken
-year-old niece as she sat next to me. The lantern I had
cobwebs clung to every wooden beam, workbench and table, causing her to shudder.
I glanced at her innocent face untouched by grief, and wished yet again that I had been born in her
le in my threadbare black mourning
themselves over broken chairs and dilapidated benches. I bit my lip to keep deep inner pain at bay.
answered after a moment.
man dressed in the garb of a common mercenary. I laid a hand on her forearm to reassure her.
Aged wooden floorboards groaned under unaccustomed weight as the man approached us. Cold eyes
n an icy tone that matched his expression.
Returning his attention to me, the man slapped a cloth purse on the run-down table before us. I
refused to give him the satisfaction of acknowledging the money.
ou feel better now? Did
justice for the magnitude of their crimes. I will not permit those murdering vermin to do such heinous deeds
A cloud of dust swirled upward into twinkling lantern light as I plucked the purse from the table.
backward glance. He vanished into the midnight air.
My niece found her
the past twenty-
e, you sound as though you disapprove. Did not those rebels kill your parents