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About the Author
Growing up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and especially in Kings
Mountain, enhanced an interest in the American Revolution that was birthed at an
early age with a visit to the Kings Mountain National Military Park. Yearly family
reunions at nearby Lake Crawford, in the South Carolina portion of the park, gave
easy access to visits to the National Park Museum, walks along the trails, and never
missing a close up view of the gravesite of Major Patrick Ferguson and an
opportunity to throw another rock onto the rock pile signifying the grave and a
climb to the top of the rock pile to declare, "I am King of this Mountain." A lifelong
dream of authoring a book based on my actual ancestors, came to reality. Living
near the Kings Mountain National Park and also, a short distance from the
Cowpens National Park only serves to fuel my imagination, and desire to share
even more stories based on the history of the United States.