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the readers that the topics are showing a very new approach with no quick answers abstaining from proof
or holding just a few lines and the information is new in nature but not hard to grasp.
Should anyone desire to contact me about raising an opinion, or sharing your opinion about my
views on science then feel free to do so by using mailto:info@questionablescience.net or the e-
mail address mailto:info@singularityrelavancy.com but please do so when coming to the end of
this book at least and then see if you understand the entire concept that I introduced. In most
cases all your questions are answered further down the line and I am not fond of repeating what is
already said in the book. The book forms a line in explaining and the concepts are best
understood if the reader follows the designated line. You are going to encounter mathematics and
if you don’t like reading it, than skip it because it is not important. It is there to shut up those that
think they are clever and know less about mathematics than a monkey knows of political
philosophy. I will show you how much Newton knew about relevancies applying in mathematics.
This book started off as a website to inform about a science conspiracy but although reduced still
it grew into a book that serves much more information than what I first intended to supply. You
will see many new aspects about gravity please make sure you understand what you read. It grew
into a comprehensive study on cosmology. At times you may observe while reading this book that
it seems as if my frustration will ring through like the chiming of the Big Ben Bell. For that there is
a reason. At times my frustration and anger will boil over drowning my politeness and that is true,
which I admit. For twelve years I have had the answer that would correct the philosophy that has a
stranglehold on cosmological science.
I discovered the building blocks of nature where my discovery puts all other cosmic aspects of
science into science fiction. Those who force-feed non-existing dogma do so to brainwash
students to hide the incompetence of “modern science” so they can rule supreme while ignoring
the truth that they deliberately hide by concocting a conspiracy. To keep everyone unguarded
they practise a conspiracy by which they perform an accepted practise of thought control on
students to further the false dogma presently in place. I try to blow the whistle on such a practise
but accepting my resolution makes every thesis ever written science fiction. Therefore no one in
science dare to read my work leave alone appreciates the revolutionary nature thereof. Whatever
now is deemed to be accepted science would then become what is the past tense in science
because the flaws that those in power of science principles kept coated for centuries on end as
untouchable truth will then be rust that breaks the surface to show the holes!
They try to silence me but surely somehow somewhere I have to break through with my massage!
I bring you a true form of science as never seen before in all of history and I do that when I
dispose of the conspiracy that hides all the incorrectness and the failures that haunts science
today. Science is accepted as the most righteous information available to man and that is a scam.
Read The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Theses that is written as the first introduction to
introduce singularity forming gravity in the new The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The
Website offering a theorem that for the first time explains gravity in a founded manner.
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