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You requested and I simplified the explanation. Science is brainwashing people into submission. Take a look at the deceit behind Science. Science hides truths selectively, divulging half-truths and informing by propagating untruths. Unbelievable. Prove me wrong. Science brainwashes everyone, including you into accepting it as the unwavering truth, while hiding corruption. See what faults it hides. I show you what science uses, versus that used by nature, so that you may compare the two versions of science. After you have completed investigating all of the information and you feel that I have not made a case, feel free to e-mail me. If in the alternative, my evidence is believable, join the fight with me by e-mailing this FREE, ready-for-download eBook to as many physics teachers out there as possible.

Hossam Massoud

My advice to any reader: Always examine the worth of the publisher before you even bother looking at the content of the book. If it's self-published or the publisher is unknown, then you should start to worry. You should try to find a way to verify the scholarly authority of the author (if any), if you're not an expert on the subject matter of the book. If you have no way of knowing who he or his publisher is, then here's a good tip: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Hossam Massoud

My advise


The two books I've read are pretty much the same. The author spends more time complaining about "Newtonian Conspiracy" than anything else. As I don't understand his math I was hoping for some enlightenment and am sadly disappointed. As far as I can tell Newton's theories pertaining to relativity have been superseded. Wish he would have told us about what is going on today rather than about the theories formulated 300 years ago. In summary, don't waste your time with these books. Instead check out what Stephen Hawking thinks.

Abdellah Zeghaider

I just downloaded this book i came across a while ago.I have read some lines of it , the first book at least , but it is very badly written and badly designed .The claims of the author against science and the scientific community are too fantastic (fantasy ) to be true indeed.But , fact is : materialism as an ideology has been hijacking science for many centuries now by imposing its worldview and paradigm , its prescriptive speculative interpretative views to science as scientific facts : like the "fact " that life is no more than material processes........to mention just that .There is some sort of core truth in this book , i presume .The author had just overdone it in a clumsy way, i guess : i am basing this on the review of the book , on the lines i read of the book , on my own experience and especially on the experiences of some scientists whistleblowers ....I am not gonna vote whether i like or do not like this book ,because , it's not a novel to be liked or disliked .It's not art to be liked or disliked ...It's about a certain view of science and scientists one might or might not agree with , or with some parts of it at least .Scientists are just humans , there are certainly many deceptive scientists lunatics among them .We just must try to stop making scientists or science "holy " We must stop acting as if science has the monopoly of the truth , as if science is the only source of knowledge ....excluding all non-materialistic paradigms in the process. .Science is just a form of culture , a social activity ...practiced by scientists humans ..Science is just a means to an end , not an end in itself .Science is no Alaaddin magic lamp .Science is no independent entity , but just a human tool which functions within its cultures and environment.Objectivity does not exist , not even at the level of exact sciences, let alone elsewhere.So, stop glorifying science too much, as if it was some sort of infaillible magical diety .Science has been in the process of being turned into a kindda extremist religion , unfortunately enough , that's why you've probably never heard of all those brave scientists whistleblowers who have been condemning just that while risking their own careers ,status ...for that . thanks to the materialistic inquisition in the materialistic church of science I can provide you with a long list of those whistleblowers. .And, please , do stop talking about science and the scientific method in those despicable paternalistic Eurocentric terms , because science owes its very existence to Arabs in the first place to begin with : see Robert Briffault 's " The making of humanity " book on the matter .The official west still denies this and other historic facts and still attributes the invention of the scientific method to Robert or Francis Bacon.History of science must be rewritten in that regard at least . Welcome back to earth , to the real world behind the veil of its romantic mask . P.S,: I do love science by the way .I just despise those who hijack it or those who say or do evil or deceptive things in its name : extermists like Richard Dawkins......to mention just that lunatic .

Jerimiah Holcomb

Good issue to address but highly rude and badly writen.


This author is wrong and has no understanding of science and he does not even know what the scientific method is. I will tell you why as briefly as possible. Not only do I think he is wrong, but I think he is doing a disservice to people by deliberately misleading people and muddying the waters thus causing great harm to anyone looking for truth. Apart from the irrelevant diatribe that has no bearing on the subject, the author's main premise seems to be one of conspiracy by the scientific community to deceive the public. His main proof is his lack of understanding of basic scientific ideas. He states that the equation F = [(m1 * m2) / r^2}] * G clearly shows that the larger the mass, the larger the force is and the faster the mass should fall relative to a smaller mass. This seems to be true if you have a myopic view of the equation but it is wrong for precisely this reason: Let's simplify the equation so you can check this in your head. G is just the gravitational constant therefore can be completely ignored since no matter what the numbers are before it, it will not change the relative results at all. So let's just ignore the G, or call it 1 if you will. The radius (r) squared can be assumed to be the number 1 for the purposes of comparison and can also be completely ignored since anything divided by 1 = the thing itself. This simplifies the equation to F = mass1 * mass2. Clearly, this equation shows that the larger the mass, the greater the force. However, Force = mass * acceleration. Solving for acceleration, the equation becomes acceleration = force divided by mass. Using this equation you can see that no matter how large the mass and hence the force, the acceleration is exactly the same for any object no matter what their relative masses. So the author is completely wrong when he wants to claim that the equation F = (m1m2/r^2) *G proves that a truck falls faster than a ballerina falls faster than a frog. If the acceleration is the same, the velocity, or rate of fall is exactly the same for all objects. Contrary to what the author claims, the truck, the dancer, and the frog will all hit the ground at the same time (in a vacuum). I did not read the whole book because it rambles off topic and often goes on irrelevant tangents making it extremely difficult to find a common thread or theme of any kind, but I plan to finish it just to see how it goes. This author needs to get an education, exercise critical thinking skills on his own stuff, and not think he is smarter than the entire scientific community.

Linda Bibb

Unfortunately it's still as rambling as the previous explanation and still as impossible to follow.

G. D.

ridiculous. hidden fundamentalist christian agenda?

John Egan

Wanted to check science books - NOT anti science


&#8206"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'" Isaac Asimov


Science is not black and white. This is an extremest view of personal opinion with little substance. Proof of this is that most great scientist were or are very religious people who strove for understanding of complex subjects which many of us do not care to understand.


This book is in concise and displays no knowledge about what is being argued. The Books first page is grossly wrong and trying to say gravity is wrong is the worst way to start a book like this. I am as of yet undecided as to my view of the world and what forces are at play (divine or other wise)


Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte

Please note that my name and last name are pronounced in Afrikaans, and is pronounced this way. Peet one would pronounce “here” which is the closest English to the pronouncing of the “ee”. The “Sch” in Schutte is pronounced exactly as school is where both are pronounced Skutte or “skool”. Pronouncing my name in Afrikaans to me show the utmost courtesy. I am most proud of being an Afrikaner.

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