A Rogue's Life HTML version

marry her, now that I had discovered what the obstacle was which had made
mystery and wretchedness between us? Certainly not. I was above all
prejudices. I was the least particular of mankind. I had no family affection in my
way--and, greatest fact of all, I was in love. Under those circumstances what
Rogue of any spirit would have faltered? After the first shock of the discovery
was over, my resolution to be Alicia's husband was settled more firmly than ever.
There was a little round table in a corner of the room furthest from the door,
which I had not yet examined. A feverish longing to look at everything within my
reach--to penetrate to the innermost recesses of the labyrinth in which I had
involved myself--consumed me. I went to the table, and saw upon it, ranged
symmetrically side by side, four objects which looked like thick rulers wrapped up
in silver paper. I opened the paper at the end of one of the rulers, and found that
it was composed of half-crowns. I had closed the paper again, and was just
raising my head from the table over which it had been bent, when my right cheek
came in contact with something hard and cold. I started back--looked up--and
confronted Doctor Dulcifer, holding a pistol at my right temple.