A Reportage - Destiny of Fate


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Book Description

A true story about the destiny of fate In this text, written by God through me, you'r given answers to the biggest questions of life, about faith and religion: * How can a God exist? * Why do people believe in religion anyway? * Who do most people believe in, in India? * What is magic? * Where is the difference and likeness between Islam, Christianity and Judaism? * When will God, miracles and the Day of Judgment come? Read the whole before you criticize the text. content: The God World Religions Indian & South East Asia's traditions People of Abraham Magic & Medicine Truths V.S. Tales Literature

Martin Rudin

I am getting ready to read your book. With eager and enthusiasm, from what I understand it is very well composed. Spiritual yet, rational for those not ready to throw themselves into a life of continueus searching. Please excuse my spelling

Fatmir Ahmetgjekaj

Best wishes to every one. Read and believe in that said in the text - "Destiny of Fate", and "the God" shall give you a miracle, if done right and sincere of course. Me myself got a cascade of shooting stars from the Lord of everything, as I asked for one as a sign from Him, as Comfort of His existence. See the whole marvelous story how it happened, why and what then later happened/happens, thou I myself have times of doubt of it in reality...Firesoul



Best regard to every one / Fatmir Ahmetgjekaj

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