A Princess of Mars HTML version

mind for the fraction of an instant entirely from my antagonist; for, as Dejah Thoris
struck the tiny mirror from her hand, Sarkoja, her face livid with hatred and baffled rage,
whipped out her dagger and aimed a terrific blow at Dejah Thoris; and then Sola, our
dear and faithful Sola, sprang between them; the last I saw was the great knife descending
upon her shielding breast.
My enemy had recovered from his thrust and was making it extremely interesting for me,
so I reluctantly gave my attention to the work in hand, but my mind was not upon the
We rushed each other furiously time after time, 'til suddenly, feeling the sharp point of
his sword at my breast in a thrust I could neither parry nor escape, I threw myself upon
him with outstretched sword and with all the weight of my body, determined that I would
not die alone if I could prevent it. I felt the steel tear into my chest, all went black before
me, my head whirled in dizziness, and I felt my knees giving beneath me.