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most doughty warrior that these characteristics are not incompatible with an ability to
Ordinarily I am not given to long speeches, nor ever before had I descended to bombast,
but I had guessed at the keynote which would strike an answering chord in the breasts of
the green Martians, nor was I wrong, for my harangue evidently deeply impressed them,
and their attitude toward me thereafter was still further respectful.
Tars Tarkas himself seemed pleased with my reply, but his only comment was more or
less enigmatical--"And I think I know Tal Hajus, Jeddak of Thark."
I now turned my attention to Dejah Thoris, and assisting her to her feet I turned with her
toward the exit, ignoring her hovering guardian harpies as well as the inquiring glances of
the chieftains. Was I not now a chieftain also! Well, then, I would assume the
responsibilities of one. They did not molest us, and so Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium,
and John Carter, gentleman of Virginia, followed by the faithful Woola, passed through
utter silence from the audience chamber of Lorquas Ptomel, Jed among the Tharks of