A Princess of Mars HTML version

As the incubator had been placed far north of their own territory in a supposedly
uninhabited and unfrequented area, we had before us a tremendous journey, concerning
which I, of course, knew nothing.
After our return to the dead city I passed several days in comparative idleness. On the day
following our return all the warriors had ridden forth early in the morning and had not
returned until just before darkness fell. As I later learned, they had been to the
subterranean vaults in which the eggs were kept and had transported them to the
incubator, which they had then walled up for another five years, and which, in all
probability, would not be visited again during that period.
The vaults which hid the eggs until they were ready for the incubator were located many
miles south of the incubator, and would be visited yearly by the council of twenty
chieftains. Why they did not arrange to build their vaults and incubators nearer home has
always been a mystery to me, and, like many other Martian mysteries, unsolved and
unsolvable by earthly reasoning and customs.
Sola's duties were now doubled, as she was compelled to care for the young Martian as
well as for me, but neither one of us required much attention, and as we were both about
equally advanced in Martian education, Sola took it upon herself to train us together.
Her prize consisted in a male about four feet tall, very strong and physically perfect; also,
he learned quickly, and we had considerable amusement, at least I did, over the keen
rivalry we displayed. The Martian language, as I have said, is extremely simple, and in a
week I could make all my wants known and understand nearly everything that was said to
me. Likewise, under Sola's tutelage, I developed my telepathic powers so that I shortly
could sense practically everything that went on around me.
What surprised Sola most in me was that while I could catch telepathic messages easily
from others, and often when they were not intended for me, no one could read a jot from
my mind under any circumstances. At first this vexed me, but later I was very glad of it,
as it gave me an undoubted advantage over the Martians.