A Princess of Mars


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Captain Jack Carter of Virginia finds himself on Mars, a planet populated by two races of warlike Martians.

Gabriel Salter

This is a very good book, but if someone unfamiliar with Burroughs asked me if they should read it, I would recommend they read "Tarzan" first."The Princess of Mars" isn't light reading, it's more complicated and difficult then your typical adventure story(not unlike Jules Verne's books). But if you take the time to finish it, "Princess of Mars" is a very enjoyable, very well-crafted story.


Great read. I too wish it were longer. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a lot of great stories. Tarzan was one of the first books I read without it being required reading. It started me on a lifetime of enjoyment reading all kinds fiction. I found that I gravitated toward action mysteries by such authors as Robert Ludlum, Vince Flynn and many others. Burroughs however will hold a special place as the first writer that piqued my interest and started it all.


Great read. Far better than the movie, but it made the movie very enjoyable. Book far more exciting and more involved. Would enjoy a second book to follow as they now have a fresh start as Mars was very close to dyeing. Its a new start to a new story.

David OBrien

Great to reread this classic after many years. Still just as good. Visual, fascinating, an excellent read. Looking forward to the other books in the series.

Debra Hayes

Great read, wish it were longer.

Debra Hayes

This has been a blast to read. Fascinating(as a certain vulcan would say) story, characters, discriptives, and ideas, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I.

Janet Sbeinati

I first read this about 20 years ago, and its still a great read. I don't care how allegorical it is - its just a great story, very well told.


this book is great it is even better than the movie john carter

Jeffrey Blais

the beginning of a thoroughly engaging series in which John Carter finds himself on Barsoom(Mars) and proceeds to earn a place in the leadership of the ferocious society of 2 distinctly different races the scientifically superior Red Race and the Nomadic Barbarian Green Race and how he brings both races together to end the fighting between them

Lisa Elyea Smith

Thanks to the wonderful staff at free-eBooks I was able to read this sci-fi classic for the first time. It was an incredible read and I look forward to reading the entire Barsoom series.

G Daniel Carson

One of best sci-fi books ever written


Reading this for the 2nd time. Great book series.


it is a great book and series , it's like return of the jedi meets robin hood ! burroughs was a great writer , action adventure all wraped up in one story! moms and young ladys will love it also ; do not let the movie perswade you from reading this book, it is a lot better ,they were ok oin the movie but they mixed and matched too much for anyone unfamilar with the book to understand what they were trying to do ,sad too say disney screws up another good book!

David Krieg

Anything by ERB is worth the read and his Martian Chronicles series may be his best.

Bob Harkins

I read this when I was a kid. At the time there was a rumor of a animated movie from Disney. Now a live action is coming out in 2012, I hope they don't mess it up.

Claudia Wylie

Good plot and constantly on the go - nothing boring about this book - I enjoyed this very much.

Lucas Van Enger

True Classic SyFy... The start of a series that helped give birth to the whole genre...


Great Storyline that kept me interested.

Laura Ann Moylan

I read this book when I was a teen, and it still has a major impact on me. My mother and grandmother had read this series as well and I read it twice or more a year- hard copy. Now I'm glad I can take it with me wherever I go!

Debbie Robinson-Vincent

This is a classic! Love this entire series!


This book was very entertaining. Storyline kept me interested throughout the entire book.

Lindsay Gorrie

Captain John Carter: A man's man!

Leslie Jones

This was the first book I read by E R Burroughs when I was about 14, wow I loved it and now I get to reread it 50 years later.

Brad Asbury

I've read this book several times over the years. It is the epitome of your great sci-fi book: imagination, suspense, adventure, struggle and romance!


I read John Carter when I was a kid and really liked the series. I'm hoping I can download all the "Mars" books


An awesome read. Check out the entire Barsoom series.

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