A Primer on Ferrous Foundry Practice & Metallurgy HTML version

No Man is an island unto himself. Every human being is , what ever he is,
because of Society.
The Members of this Society who have contributed to this book, directly or
indirectly are :
My daughter, Ms Vasudha. Gulyam, who put the IDEA of writing a book, in
Mr.B.R.Niranjan , who in 1978, who not only introduced me to the fascinating
field of METHODING of STEEL CASTINGS , lead me through.
Mr.T.Kumar , from whom I learnt a sense of Discipline in Life, particularly in
Working Life, sense of Impartiality & Systemic Thinking.
Dr. M.S.Ramaprasad, who went to great lengths to give me an unstinted support
in making this book a reality.
Prof A.K.Lahiri, from whom I learnt more than Metallurgy.
Mr Babu Sathian , who helped me in every thing .
I am eternally Grateful to the above People for EVERY THING .