A Poor Wise Man HTML version

Chapter 10
Lily did not sleep very well that night. She was repentant, for one thing, for her
mother's evening alone, and for the anxiety in her face when she arrived.
"I've been so worried," she said, "I was afraid your grandfather would get back
before you did."
"I'm sorry, mother dear. I know it was selfish. But I've had a wonderful evening."
"All sorts of talk," Lily said, and hesitated. After all, her mother would not
understand, and it would only make her uneasy. "I suppose it is rank hearsay to
say it, but I like Mr. Doyle."
"I detest him."
"But you don't know him, do you?"
"I know he is stirring up all sorts of trouble for us. Lily, I want you to promise not
to go back there."
There was a little silence. A small feeling of rebellion was rising in the girl's heart.
"I don't see why. She is my own aunt."
"Will you promise?"
"Please don't ask me, mother. I - oh, don't you understand? It is interesting there,
that's all. It isn't wrong to go. And the moment you forbid it you make me want to
go back."
"Were there any other people there to dinner?" Grace asked, with sudden
"Only one man. A lawyer named Akers."
The name meant nothing to Grace Cardew.
"A young man?"