A Poor Wise Man HTML version

"I mean just that," said Jennie, stolidly. "I helped set it, with him pretending to be
all worked up, for the doctor to see. He got rid of me all right. He's got one of his
spies there now, a Bolshevik like himself. You can ask the neighbors."
Howard was out, and when the woman had gone Anthony ordered his car. Lily,
frightened by the look on his face, made only one protest.
"You mustn't go alone," she said. "Let me go, too. Or take Grayson - anybody."
But he went alone; in the hall he picked up his hat and stick, and drew on his
"What is the house number?"
Lily told him and he went out, moving deliberately, like a man who has made up
his mind to follow a certain course, but to keep himself well in hand.