A Poor Wise Man HTML version

glanced up at him it seemed to her that Pink was hard. Hard and suspicious, and
the suspicion was for her. It was incredible.
"Do you believe what they preach?" he demanded. "I've got to know, Lily. I've
suffered the tortures of the damned all night."
"I didn't know it meant this."
"Do you?" he repeated.
"No. You ought to know me better than that. But I don't believe that it started
here, Pink. He was very angry this morning, and he wouldn't let me see the
"He's behind it all right," Pink said grimly. "Maybe he didn't plant the bombs, but
his infernal influence did it, just the same. Do you mean to say you've lived here
all this time and don't know he is plotting a revolution? What if he didn't authorize
these things last night? He is only waiting, to place a hundred bombs instead of
three. A thousand, perhaps."
"Oh, no!"
"We've got their own statements. Department of Justice found them. The fools, to
think they can overthrow the government! Can you imagine men planning to
capture this city and hold it?"
"It wouldn't be possible, Pink?"
"It isn't possible now, but they'll make a try at it."
There was a short pause, with Lily struggling to understand. Pink's set face
relaxed somewhat. All that night he had been fighting for his belief in her.
"I never dreamed of it, Pink. I suppose all the talk I've heard meant that, but I
never - are you sure? About Jim Doyle, I mean."
"We know he is behind it. We haven't got the goods on him yet, but we know.
Cameron knows. You ask him and he'll tell you."
"Willy Cameron?"
"Yes. He's had some vision, while the rest of us - ! He's got a lot of us working
now, Lily. We are on the right trail, too, although we lost some records last night
that put us back a couple of months. We'll get them, all right. We'll smash their
little revolution into a cocked hat." It occurred to him, then, that this house was a