A Poor Wise Man


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Lily Cardew develops a romantic relationship with Willy Cameron despite her family's disapproval of his lack of money or success.


Nice book.

Maurizio Rotondo

enjoyable, the conclusion is a bit overoptimistic, but it is well written

Shirley Clark

Good story line of capitalism and industry.

Nabil Tabbara

An excellent read. A blend of 1919 history in NE US, affecting the lives of real people both rich and poor, old and young, principled and opportunists.

Rhona Ingram

Could not get into this old style book at all and only got past the first few pages. Not my type of read but obviously suits many others.

Gloria Howman

I enjoyed this story


Not able to hold my interest in finishing it.

Veronique Duncan

Interesting book. A bit old style but an enjoyable read.

Eva Peele

Very well written - the anatomy of a socialist revolution from the inside out, with several satisfying sub-stories running throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Victoria Saindon

I really enjoyed this book!


Too long, too much time spent on clothing being worn.

Vasanthi Samuel

I do not like stories with a sad ending


one of the better books i've read in a while. i can truly say ill be checking into more of her work in the future. leaves you guessing anxiously and not wanting to put it down. fell in love with the characters ..she made them the type you'd like to hear even more about. id suggest it to anyone male or female.


Not as exciting as modern novels.


'A Poor Wise Man' is a fantastic read! I could hardly tear myself away from it once I had started reading it. The characters are many-sided, well developed and thoroughly believable, and the plot is totally captivating. This is the first time I've encountered Mary Roberts Rinehart's writing, but I can guarantee that I will be reading as many of her books as I can get a hold of. I'm hooked!

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