A Plum in the Syrup


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This book has been very carefully written based on the authors 20+ years of general business and entrepreneurial experience. What makes this book different is it does not provide a road map to success. It is not just another "how to" book. This book recognizes your unique individuality and provides truths, suggestions and observations you can use to become successful however you might define the word "success" for yourself. Never let anyone else define the word success for you; you can only define it for yourself.


very inspirational ! Thank you Daniel


I am thankful I was able to read this book.I realized so many things....

obrien uzoechi

great, inspirational and spiritual..

Louise Blisner

This book is very clear and concise. It gives easy to understand information to help us live a successful and fulfilling life. I really liked the analogy of the plum in the syrup.

Michelle J. Straughn

This book is real. I'm reading it at a time in my life where I need this hard facts on how I should live my life. Great advice. Everything is on point. Every entrepreneur should read this book. I recommend it to all.


Worth the read on all accounts


This is a very motivating one and I am sure that the effort taken by the Author directs the mind of the reader through an inspiring path...

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