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the name “K”. Jonathan got the impression that K
was a prize winning asshole the first day he met
For nearly seven minutes Jonathan watched
Nicole make out with K right in front of him. He
felt like throwing up. When they finished,
Jonathan was still standing there looking pale.
The first thing that Nicole said to him was
“What are you doing here? I thought you don’t
want to be with me.”
“I’m here now. What’s going on baby?”
“Nothing. I want to get a drink.”
Jonathan stood there as Nicole went to get her
drink and came back after nearly half an hour.
When she got back, she went straight to the
group K was with and waved at Jonathan to join
as if nothing has happened. Jonathan decided
that Nicole was just testing his patience and he
decided to play along. For the next two hours he
tried to act cool and with an inhuman strength of
will power did not loose his temper. Most of this
time Nicole danced with K on the dance floor
while Jonathan sat with the group.
When the lights came on and it was time to go,
Jonathan patiently waited for Nicole to finish her
drink and dancing and to finally leave the club.
“Baby let’s go. Its very late now” said Jonathan
when he couldn’t take it anymore.
Without missing a bit Nicole said “Fuck off! I’m
going with K.”
Jonathan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
He knew that she wouldn’t do that, she couldn’t
but the fact that she said it in front of so many
A Place Called Zero