A Place Called Zero HTML version

On the cold morning of December 25, 2004 a
young man named Jonathan swallowed 5
sleeping pills with tap water and tried to go to
sleep. He wasn’t trying to commit suicide but had
no intention of being conscious either for some
time to come. The memories of what happened
just a few hours back still haunted him. His pulse
rate was at least a hundred twenty and he had a
throbbing headache. It was 6.30 in the morning.
The night before had started off like any other
Friday night. Jonathan and his half girlfriend
Nicole had dinner together at home (home
delivery from KFC), made love twice and started
getting dressed to party. Between 9 and 10.30
they fought twice about Jonathan being too
jealous and how Nicole cannot loose her male
friends for him. At 10.30 Nicole’s ex boyfriend
called and she talked on the phone for exactly 49
minutes. When she hung up Jonathan said that
he doesn’t feel like going out anymore. Nicole
informed him that that’s his choice and she left
the house alone.
Jonathan waited three hours before realizing
that she wouldn’t call to ask him to join her after
all. So he forgave her silently for all that she has
done, and decided to go and join her in the club
where they usually hang out. He decided that
after everything, she is still with him and that’s
definitely “proof of love”.
When he reached the club it was already two in
the morning and it was steadily snowing outside.
Inside however, people were almost sweating as
they danced to the intoxicating beats of loud R&B
music. By the time Jonathan found Nicole, she
was already making out with a pilot who went by
A Place Called Zero