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A Place Called Zero

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Published: 6 years ago

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An extraordinary story of bouncing back at life from nothing.

its a wonderful inspiring book.. a real wanted book.. thanks to Jonathan and Sir Shafin



Julie Wesley

This book was short, but so great! I recommended it to a few friends. I hope to find more interesting ones like this one on this site. Thank for sharing your story! It touched my soul. :)


Too good sir. Very inspirational. It seems as if it is my story, only difference is, i got to know about Mr. Shafin and his inspirations through your book and found myself at peace. Thanks again for giving a ray of hope.

Judith Leone

Nice work John... Thanks for bieng you and doing what you do..


A very reflective book!

Tenzing Topzer Bhutia

Awesome read!!!Keep up the good work!!! :-)


This book is excellent. It is very interesting and you do not need to have basics from psychology.

reem alafifi

One of the best books I read


Great reading! lightened me a little...hope to gain more from the website mentioned in this book..

Carlo Baldini

It was even nice.. until the link to the website popped in. In just one sentence, it really tore apart the nice feeling that you can find in 30 pages.


Very interesting for me as I feel a lot of people are at zero but don't disclose due to society the live in. I want every people who feels at zero or every one who doesn't want to be at zero should read it. This creation is more worthy than a lot of stuff just to wonder in fantasy and in result at zero. But your book's zero can turn a zero into a HERO again. My blessings to you!


Very interesting and useful information.

Dwight Gabijan

Very Inspirational. I saw myself in the story, I had a mentor too who found me on the net with a zero knowledge in SEO, unemployed and almost lose everything except for my girl and my family who supported me. I am now on my way to the top, thanks for having a great mentor, thanks.... Peter Davis.


I think I have not read such a book before I m completely moved by shafin. I just want to say Thanks john for sharing


its really interesting and could redefine anyone's life


Awesome, I completly agree. I am also like shafin. Well done Jonathan Christ. People please do read this book.


This "book" is a commercial for a website to buy more books and lessons. Just a long advertisement.


fantastic book it

Ramesh Raghuvanshi

This was a fantastic book with a great effort.

Sneh Anand

Easy , interesting and inspiring.


I found it very inspiring , its really a wonderful book one must read it.


easy reading and interesting.true life story.i found it very interesting and it made me to think about my life as well.


I found the matter simple and inspiring. You can choose to be either too carried away though when you complete it or else you can just remember the good stuff discussed. Overall, a healthy and interesting reading.


A grammatical disaster. No hook.


Jonathan Christ

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