A Personal Handbook: Living a Fit Life HTML version

The Fit Life Table of Contents
0: Welcome, About You, Our Mission (go)
* The Mission of Endurance Lifestyle Design
* Why Design A Fit Life?
* About Me
1: Planning from the Ground Up (go)
* Endurance Planning Is Broken
* The Problem of Periodization
* A Bulletproof Three-Step Planning Process
* Your Task: Re-think Your Annual Plan
2: Focus on Fun & Challenging Activities (go)
* Planning to Race
* Identifying Your Cool Factor
* Adding Events to Your "Real" Season
* Re-Thinking Post-Race
* Your Task: Find Three Fun & Challenging Events for your Season
3: Create A Basic Training Week (go)
* Planning Is Sexy; Execution Is Progress
* Basic Week = Basic Unit of Time
* Managing Event Requirements & Your Life
* Integrate, Don't BalanceSpecial Case Scenarios
* Your Task: Outline your Basic Week
4: Integrated Nutrition & Recovery Plans (go)
* Nutrition
o Eating for Performance
o What Are "Poor" Food Choices?
o Basic Guidance
o Tricks, Tweaks and an Eating Holiday
* Recovery
o Planning to Fail...Unspectacularly
o Learning To Listen
o The RAP Sheet
* Your Tasks
5: Well-Organized External Commitments (go)
* The Personal Sphere: Go online, start outsourcing, build "focus" periods.
* The Professional Sphere: Avoid email, stop meeting madness, "create" don't just do.
6: Further Reading (go)