A Perfect Main Entry Step-by-Step HTML version

The Main Entry.
You have been using them all your life, yet, have you ever thought about the impact
that a main entry has on all who pass through it?
It is the first thing a visitor sees when entering a space. It is the last thing seen when
leaving. It makes the first and lasting impression of what lies
What makes a main entry
Several reactions need to take place
for a main entry to be effective in
communicating a positive message
to guests. It must...
invite you into the space beyond
make you feel welcome
make a statement without being
strong or offensive to the visitor
just look right!
How do you make these reactions happen in your main entry?
In this E-book you will learn step-by-step,
how to create the well-balanced front entry that your home deserves.
We begin by determining the style of your home.
Next, we look at the architectural balance of the house front
And finally, the house setting.
Then, using your house data, you will be able to create a plan
to make the most of your homes features.
Every home deserves to look itÓs best,
while telling a story about the owners.
Your new main entry is just a few steps from becoming realty.
LetÓs get started