A New Earth and A New Universe HTML version

Science had combined all forces but gravity in the Grand Unified Theory,
Then added gravity to the previous 3* to form the Unified Field Theory.
Clark's idea of energy pulses transformed into the idea of zero separation
Between objects in space-time (the revolutionary UFT 2nd version).
So he and Kari (and the rest of the world) are each other, in fact;
Just as UFTv2 unites the Relativist and Quantum Mechanic."
* electromagnetism (the relations between electricity and magnetism) + the strong and
weak nuclear forces of the subatomic world
They also mention a possible way out of the global financial crisis, health and
medicine/surgery, Mobius loops, dark matter, superstring theory, fractal geometry,
motion, light and electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, other universes, the Big Bang
and Steady State theories, dark energy, evolution, Darwin, Einstein, Newton, magic, time
travel, ghosts, Frankenstein, Doctor Who, Star Trek, computer science, holographic
technology, God, Intelligent Design, Hinduism, a couple of possible ways to attain world
peace, include poetry and a short story, etc ... the book's wide-ranging because it uses
scientifically-applied imagination to unify these concepts.
It seems to me that every generation throughout history has decided the world cannot
progress significantly beyond the achievements of their generation. The present
generation might, for example, sincerely believe there can't be any progress beyond the
current understanding of science's Grand Unified Theory or that current scientific method