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my simple goal is to share them.
Imagination is more important than knowledge...
Albert Einstein
German physicist (1879-1955)
In this quote, Einstein isn't speaking of fantasy, but of applying scientific knowledge in
an imaginative way (maybe it would be better to say "imagination is just as important as
knowledge"). Anyway, the following might be dismissed as too speculative because it
isn't written in mathematical equations and its conclusions can't be verified in a
laboratory. But if you think imagination applied to science can teach us new things, read
on … and enjoy!
These writings mention universal unification that is far more comprehensive than today's
scientific and mathematical attempts to find a "Grand Unified Theory". A few lines from
the poem about Kal-el/Clark Kent/Superman make it clearer by what I mean when I say
"more comprehensive" -
"Kal-el left for the rainbow's end in the 44th century,
Where he met a young woman named Kari.