A New Earth and A New Universe HTML version

Brief biography
G´day from the Land Down Under! To be exact: from a town called Stanthorpe, which is
in the southern part of the state Queensland, in Australia. I´m a guy who was born in this
town in 1956. At age 15, I left High School to become an apprentice printer at the local
newspaper. In the 1990s, I had a regular column in a desktop-published magazine called
"Inspire". This gave me an opportunity to express the ideas I´ve also presented here and
filled me with great satisfaction. I decided to quit Inspire in 2000, for personal reasons.
Of course, many of the thoughts in this book have received further development since my
Inspire days - most are even totally new. With Inspire, these writings of mine were
offline. In 1999, they went online when my computer-whiz brother Darryl set up a
website for me (I called it "Rod´s Room"). This book is also dedicated to the other
immediate members of my family - Dad, Mum, and sister Allison; my extended family;
and everyone I’ve ever met, for giving me good memories and learning experiences.
After 3 years, I changed my Internet Service Provider in an attempt to escape the
spammers. That turned out to be Mission Impossible ... and I managed to lose my
website in the process (the old ISP deleted it). I've been writing this book since the 1970s
and it's a total obsession with me. At first my ideas were few and far between but they
developed into short articles within a few years and a little paperback in 2006 (at the time
I figured getting a POD - Print On Demand - publisher to print my ideas was the only
way I'd ever get published). In the last 3 years, my ideas have taken off like wildfire and