A Memory Unchained


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Who will unchain the memory tucked deep in her heart? Beautiful widow and successful Boston fashion designer, Pamela Thornton, accidentally meets department store magnate and playboy, Jeff Desmond; and is instantly swept off her feet. Tragedy strikes, but Pamela relies on her faith to pull her through. Download it today!


its a very nice story but too many exclamatory marks have been used unnecessarily. otherwise its very well written, couldn't stop reading it.


Good story. I enjoyed it

Maria Abram

I agree. I haven't finished reading it yet, but the time and space incoherence (like the duration of the flight) and the exclamation marks are SO annoying.

Libu Sebu

Very nice, and enjoyable, please write more!


great book would love asecond chance of romance like this.


its really a well written book short and nice really like this book

Kamini Buckreedun

Small book and a good read. I like it but could be better.


It's just the beginning but I know my books and this book is great.


was a very nice story

Maria Hernandez

I really like this book. Very refreshing and romantic.

ankita lohia

awesome book.. just exactly how one feels

Susan Longhurst

It was refreshing to find no smut or swearwords. I really liked it.


It is a lovely romantic story, not the biggest hit on the earth, but after a deadtiring day you can really enjoy reading it!

alison joiner

write another real soon


Love your book..hopefully you will have another one out soon

julie cooper

This was a pleasant, easy read.

evelyn reynolds

wonderful book and no vulgar words, which I give AA

heather parry

great book have read 3 times and will read again!!!

Monique Bonner

I loved this book due to the Christian undertones. The storyline was great, but under developed. There are lingering questions as to what happened with Jill and Grant. Also, the story illudes to the identity of Grant's father, but is never concluded.Hopefully, these unresolved issues will be concluded in a sequal.

Machelle Moore

Great read, loved the ending.

serena raymer

Fantastic book. Would have liked a reunion between Jeff and Grant.


Loved this book. very worth the read.

Juanita Clay

This book was really good. I couldn't put it away. Read it straight through.


First half is a little drag. Second half is good.

Christy Tavares

Not a bad story, but it just moved too slow.


A light-hearted feel good read. Would have liked a chapter on the reunion between Jeff and Grant. A good beach book!

Beth Stockford

I liked the story, but it lacked any detail. I felt like I was rushed through it, but I did like the story line.


I love the way Pamela shows a character that exemplifies a christian like quality.

Jacqueline Smit

I loved reading this book. Could not put it down until it was finished.

Carolanne Beausoleil

Awesome Read! I loved it...

Tonia Bagby Arvidson

Pretty good book. Pretty frustrating will all the missing letters thoughout the book. Also, they never followed throught to show if Grant was Jeff's son. There could have been way more to the story.

Emiliya Veitch

Felt somewhat too sweet and perfect to be true to reality. Even Cindarella had more drama in it.

Faye Lamontt

I found this an excellent read - hard to put down.

Kaye Grogan

I loved this book! It is clean and well-written. Right up to the end it kept you guessing if Pamela would end up with Rex or Jeff. Jeff was my choice.

Jaishri Solanki

Light romance, good read


As a former journalist, it was almost painful to read, because I was proofing it the whole time. What is with all the exclamation marks after almost every sentence or statement? There are typos/grammatical errors throughout. I feel bad for the writer. It appears she either had no editor, or no one proofed it for her before publishing. The switches back and forth between her past and present became more and more confusing, and I had to stop reading at about Pg. 75. There is the potential for a good spiritual lesson, but it's lost in all the hand-wringing and constant trips down memory lane. Some of the settings are confusing as well. One minute she's on the plane, then she's in her apartment, but later on it's a hotel?? I apologize if this sounds harsh, but I hope it was also constructive.


The character does not represent a Christian woman at all. The woman was too needy or she didn't have any backbone, so to say. So because her husband died she is attracted to every handsome guy? The author also leaves the impression that Grant could be Jeff's child. I didn't really enjoy it.


This story totally got me hooked from the beginning!!! fantastic read it was just a shame when it ended

Rebecca Medina

I enjoyed this one..... My husband suggested that I start reading again.... And this is the book that caught my eye.... Thank You....

John Mann

Great chick lit! My wife loved it.


If you are a woman who loves romances this is a story you won't want to miss!


Gloria Graham

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