A Marine's Lapse in Synapse


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The author makes no claims about his ability to write so you should not expect a polished, edited version of a story. It reads more like the recollections of an enlisted man. That is how I took his intentions and was intrigued enough to read it through to the end. At times, it is a little hard to follow but I can just imagine all the pranks and friendships he forms throughout his military career. It was sitting down to drinks and striking up conversation with the stranger next to you. Things don't always come out in exact order and so on but you still enjoy the time spent listening to a guy that is at least humorous and not a bore.


This book is hard to follow. The author needs to tighten up the structure of his story. In one line he mentions his dad, a superintendent of the school system, following him home from school. The next the author is tossing stones at a mentally handicapped kid and his father catching him in the act. I could only make it through page nine. I can imagine the author telling these stories orally and they would sound amusing, but in trying to convey these on paper he is (no pun intended) all over the page.

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