A Love Song for Bethany HTML version

brought me to a lonely place; a place of isolation. Just me, a
comfortable apartment filled with books and a TV that has
the nerve to have cable in this the „buckle of the Bible Belt.’
I wonder if there is a state between happiness and
unhappiness. I wasn’t unhappy just not happy. The
knowledge and experiences I had in my short time at the
University have really broaden my horizons. Yet there are
days when I feel so lonesome and out of place I could cry.
It’s like a shroud of darkness is covering me. And then there
is the age gap. I’m twenty- five to thirty years the senior of
the undergrads and most of my grad school colleagues. I feel
like a wolf among the sheep. In crowds, especially in chapel,
when I see friends together or couples paired I want to dive
under the seat and hide. I know it’s just me. With the
exception of my liberal views, no one says hurtful things or
treats me like an outcast; it’s something inside of me. The
feeling of being an alien in a foreign land prevails too often.