A Love Song for Bethany HTML version

my final semester of grad school, at a Christian university in
a town far away from all I know, studying something close to
my heart; theology. I moved here only because I felt a strong
calling from the Lord. I always go where He calls. It has
been my experience it’s a mistake not to.
Don’t get me wrong, I have friends or should I say
colleagues and acquaintances here in Tulsa, OK. But
sometimes I find it hard to be around other Christians. That
feeling is even more exacerbated with Evangelical
Christians. It often seems there is a game they play trying to
„out Christian’ each other. “I don’t smoke or drink,” one
might say only to be triumphed by another claiming “I never
watch TV or go to the movies.” And then there’s “I was
twenty-eight and married before I had sex.” “Oh yeah,” says
another, “Well I didn’t even hold hands with my spouse until
the wedding night.” It makes me wonder: what do Christians