A Love Song for Bethany HTML version

In a Lonely Place
A true relationship with God can be a very lonely
experience. Alone with your thoughts; often alone with your
convictions. I liken it to being a soldier on the battlefield.
There are times when even a good soldier doesn’t want to be
where he is. He might not know where he’s going or why. He
just knows he has to be there for he is serving a greater
cause; something beyond his desires. It’s not about him; he is
just a sentence in a greater story. He goes whether he likes it
or not for he is called.
I am a soldier. My battlefield isn’t the Mideast and
doesn’t require training at Fort Dix. My battle is one of
spiritual warfare; my confrontations are with non-believers,
believers and too often my very own mind. I have been a
follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ for the past sixteen
years. My devotion to Him has led me down numerous paths,
all ultimately for my own good. Now I’m at the beginning of