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A Look at Martial Arts

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Published: 6 years ago

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An overview of different martial arts systems. Great way to select the right martial art for you or your family to join and study.

Courtney L Patterson

Great study on various styles of martial arts. Liked it a lot!!


J.W. Brown

James W. Brown is a Kindle author. He writes fiction/non-fiction in a number of different genres and pen-names. James has been interested and involved in martial arts since 1974 and while most of his training was private, he does hold a brown belt in a form of combative hapkido that incorporates 8 different fighting styles. With his interest in reading, writing and martial arts-it is no surprise that James has one fiction book series on Amazon Kindle that allows him to write about martial arts, Asian women and serial killers....not necessarily in that order. James is moving into Youtube and podcasting, where he will bring his insane sense of humor to discuss all the things that hold him spellbound. Check his blog for updates. James is very active in the major social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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