A Little Princess HTML version

"Did you see," said Janet to Nora, as they went back to the room- -"the little-girl-who-is-
not-a-beggar was passing? She looked all cold and wet, and I saw her turn her head over
her shoulder and look at us. Mamma says her clothes always look as if they had been
given her by someone who was quite rich--someone who only let her have them because
they were too shabby to wear. The people at the school always send her out on errands on
the horridest days and nights there are."
Sara crossed the square to Miss Minchin's area steps, feeling faint and shaky.
"I wonder who the little girl is," she thought--"the little girl he is going to look for."
And she went down the area steps, lugging her basket and finding it very heavy indeed,
as the father of the Large Family drove quickly on his way to the station to take the train
which was to carry him to Moscow, where he was to make his best efforts to search for
the lost little daughter of Captain Crewe.