A Little Princess HTML version

She had the imagined future so clearly before her eyes that she spoke in a manner which
had an effect even upon Miss Minchin. It almost seemed for the moment to her narrow,
unimaginative mind that there must be some real power hidden behind this candid daring.
"What?" she exclaimed. "Found out what?"
"That I really was a princess," said Sara, "and could do anything--anything I liked."
Every pair of eyes in the room widened to its full limit. Lavinia leaned forward on her
seat to look.
"Go to your room," cried Miss Minchin, breathlessly, "this instant! Leave the
schoolroom! Attend to your lessons, young ladies!"
Sara made a little bow.
"Excuse me for laughing if it was impolite," she said, and walked out of the room,
leaving Miss Minchin struggling with her rage, and the girls whispering over their books.
"Did you see her? Did you see how queer she looked?" Jessie broke out. "I shouldn't be at
all surprised if she did turn out to be something. Suppose she should!"