A Little Princess HTML version

"Becky!" cried Ermengarde, enraptured.
"Yes," said Sara. "Listen; the two knocks meant, `Prisoner, are you there?'"
She knocked three times on the wall herself, as if in answer.
"That means, `Yes, I am here, and all is well.'"
Four knocks came from Becky's side of the wall.
"That means," explained Sara, "`Then, fellow-sufferer, we will sleep in peace. Good
Ermengarde quite beamed with delight.
"Oh, Sara!" she whispered joyfully. "It is like a story!"
"It IS a story," said Sara. "EVERYTHING'S a story. You are a story--I am a story. Miss
Minchin is a story."
And she sat down again and talked until Ermengarde forgot that she was a sort of escaped
prisoner herself, and had to be reminded by Sara that she could not remain in the Bastille
all night, but must steal noiselessly downstairs again and creep back into her deserted