A Little Princess HTML version

know what would happen to it. It was not likely that it would be left to Miss Minchin. It
would be taken away, and the attic would be bare and empty again. Glad as she was for
Sara's sake, she went up the last flight of stairs with a lump in her throat and tears
blurring her sight. There would be no fire tonight, and no rosy lamp; no supper, and no
princess sitting in the glow reading or telling stories--no princess!
She choked down a sob as she pushed the attic door open, and then she broke into a low
The lamp was flushing the room, the fire was blazing, the supper was waiting; and Ram
Dass was standing smiling into her startled face.
"Missee sahib remembered," he said. "She told the sahib all. She wished you to know the
good fortune which has befallen her. Behold a letter on the tray. She has written. She did
not wish that you should go to sleep unhappy. The sahib commands you to come to him
tomorrow. You are to be the attendant of missee sahib. Tonight I take these things back
over the roof."
And having said this with a beaming face, he made a little salaam and slipped through the
skylight with an agile silentness of movement which showed Becky how easily he had
done it before.