A Little Princess HTML version

"He looks like a very ugly baby," laughed Sara. "I beg your pardon, monkey; but I'm glad
you are not a baby. Your mother COULDN'T be proud of you, and no one would dare to
say you looked like any of your relations. Oh, I do like you!"
She leaned back in her chair and reflected.
"Perhaps he's sorry he's so ugly," she said, "and it's always on his mind. I wonder if he
HAS a mind. Monkey, my love, have you a mind?"
But the monkey only put up a tiny paw and scratched his head.
"What shall you do with him?" Becky asked.
"I shall let him sleep with me tonight, and then take him back to the Indian gentleman
tomorrow. I am sorry to take you back, monkey; but you must go. You ought to be
fondest of your own family; and I'm not a REAL relation."
And when she went to bed she made him a nest at her feet, and he curled up and slept
there as if he were a baby and much pleased with his quarters.