A Lesson Learned HTML version

“There it is. That‟s the bend way up there in the river. Take her
“Here we go,” said Eke, as he tilted the nose down towards the
river. “Looking for adventure.”
“That‟s right, brother,” said Bill. “Looking for adventure. Whatever
comes our way.”
“Amen to that.”
And the plane lowered towards the river. As it did, Bill, the bigger
of the two, looked at the mountain next to the river that was to
become their new patch of land. Paradise is a journey. That‟s the
thought. That and more. This was going to be an adventure. For the
first time in their lives this was going to be a true adventure. Not a
rock concert, not a fishing trip. They were looking for life or death.
They wanted to really experience life. Yeah, something like that.
Dreams are funny things, how they can gnaw at you. For Eke it
was like that his whole life. This idea of adventure had pulled at him.
Barely 120 pounds soaking wet, he wasn‟t the biggest guy in the
world. But he had big dreams. Yeah, dreams that in the past had
somehow been derailed. Somehow? Well, sometimes he drank his
dreams away. And sometimes he was unlucky. And sometimes both.