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A Lesson Learned

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Published: 4 years ago

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Download this FREE e-Book, and read the story of two friends who incite their dreams, and build a cabin upon a mountain overlooking the Patuca River and Honduran jungle. They join a cause worth fighting, but later become ensnarled in disillusionment that results in a bigger problem that they must face alone. But then again--what plan ever goes accordingly? Download this FREE e-Book today!

m j donnelly

good but to short

Darlene Heldt

too lightly written for the subject..

Hdebhjfsd Abasf

bad word within 5 sentences


Not bad, but not very interesting either, it was written by some one without too much writing skills, and not much emotion went into this book..I did not save it, not really worth the time reading it..


Eric King

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