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1 stal ion

Cattle--84 cows 2,668 80 cows and 46 calves 3,700

Carriages 229 229

Harness 407 300

Implements 1,810 800

Pigs 125 Pigs and 29 young 350

Poultry 20 33 chickens 40

Furniture 495 400

Profit and Losses 10,681

Oats 2,500 bushels at 50 cents 1,250

Hay 400 tons at 5 dol ars 2,000

Potatoes 1,000 bushels at 1 dollar 1,000

Flax 100

Wire Fence 500

______ ______

29,180 32,888

N.B.--The profit and loss comprises the wages to labourers and cost of living of both masters and men.

This estimate is given after two years' farming.

End of the Project Gutenberg EBook of A Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba by Mrs. Cecil Hal


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