A King and no King HTML version

Ligo[n]es, _Father of_ Spaconia.
_Two Gentlemen_.
_Three Men and a Woman_.
Philip, _a servant, and two Citizens Wives_.
_A Messenger_.
_A Servant to_ Bacurius.
_Two Sword-men_.
_A Boy_.
Arane, ) _The [Queen-Mother_.
Panthea,) _Her Daughter_.
Spaconia,) _A Lady Daughter of_ Ligones
Mandane,) _A waiting woman, and other attendants_.
* * * * *
_Actus primus. Scena prima_.
* * * * *
_Enter_ Mardonius _and_ Bessus, _Two Captains_.
_Bessus_, the King has made a fair hand on't, he has ended the
Wars at a blow, would my sword had a close basket hilt to hold
Wine, and the blade would make knives, for we shall have nothing
but eating and drinking.
We that are Commanders shall do well enough.
Faith _Bessus_, such Commanders as thou may; I had as lieve set
thee Perdue for a pudding i'th' dark, as _Alexander_ the Great.
I love these jests exceedingly.