A King and No King HTML version

You talk to me as having got a time fit for your purpose; but you
should be urg'd know I know you speak not what you think.
I would my heart were Stone, before my softness
Against my mother, a more troubled thought
No Virgin bears about; should I excuse
My Mothers fault, I should set light a life
In losing which, a brother and a King
Were taken from me, if I seek to save
That life so lov'd, I lose another life
That gave me being, I shall lose a Mother,
A word of such a sound in a childs ears
That it strikes reverence through it; may the will
Of heaven be done, and if one needs must fall,
Take a poor Virgins life to answer all.
But Gobrias let us talk, you know this fault
Is not in me as in another Mother.
I know it is not.
Yet you make it so.
Why, is not all that's past beyond your help?
I know it is.
Nay should you publish it before the world,
Think you 'twould be believ'd?