A King and No King HTML version

Act II
Enter Gobrias, Bacurius, Arane, Panthe, and Mandane,
Waiting-women with Attendants.
My Lord Bacurius, you must have regard unto the Queen, she is
your prisoner, 'tis at your peril if she make escape.
My Lord, I know't, she is my prisoner from you committed; yet she
is a woman, and so I keep her safe, you will not urge me to keep
her close, I shall not shame to say I sorrow for her.
So do I my Lord; I sorrow for her, that so little grace doth
govern her: that she should stretch her arm against her King, so
little womanhood and natural goodness, as to think the death of
her own Son.
Thou knowst the reason why, dissembling as thou art, and wilt not
There is a Lady takes not after you,
Her Father is within her, that good man
Whose tears weigh'd down his sins, mark how she weeps,
How well it does become her, and if you
Can find no disposition in your self
To sorrow, yet by gracefulness in her
Find out the way, and by your reason weep:
All this she does for you, and more she needs
When for your self you will not lose a tear,
Think how this want of grief discredits you,
And you will weep, because you cannot weep.