A King and No King HTML version

Act V
Enter Mardonius And Lygones.
Sir, the King has seen your Commission, and believes it, and
freely by this warrant gives you power to visit Prince Tigranes,
your Noble Master.
I thank his Grace and kiss his hand.
But is the main of all your business ended in this?
I have another, but a worse, I am asham'd, it is a business.
You serve a worthy person, and a stranger I am sure you are; you
may imploy me if you please without your purse, such Offices
should ever be their own rewards.
I am bound to your Nobleness.
I may have need of you, and then this courtesie,
If it be any, is not ill bestowed;
But may I civilly desire the rest?
I shall not be a hurter if no helper.
Sir you shall know I have lost a foolish Daughter,
And with her all my patience, pilfer'd away
By a mean Captain of your Kings.