A Journey to the Interior of the Earth HTML version

The darkness, always deep twenty yards before us, prevented us from estimating the
length of the gallery; and I was beginning to think it must be endless, when suddenly at
six o'clock a wall very unexpectedly stood before us. Right or left, top or bottom, there
was no road farther; we were at the end of a blind alley. "Very well, it's all right!" cried
my uncle, "now, at any rate, we shall know what we are about.
We are not in Saknussemm's road, and all we have to do is to go back. Let us take a
night's rest, and in three days we shall get to the fork in the road." "Yes," said I, "if we
have any strength left." "Why not?" "Because to-morrow we shall have no water." "Nor
courage either?" asked my uncle severely. I dared make no answer.