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dilute solution of itself, and supply it only with what it particularly dislikes. For an
already established tubercle requiring rapid action of the blood, such as may well exist
among the birds and vertebrates of Jupiter and Saturn, I suggest a hypodermic rattlesnake
injection, while hydrocyanic acid and tarantula saliva may also come in well. The
combinations that so long destroyed us have already become our panacea."
"I see you have these poisons at your fingers' ends," said Ayrault, "and we shall feel the
utmost confidence in the remedies and directions you prescribe."
They found that, in addition to their medicine-chest, they would have to make room for
the following articles, and also many more: six shot-guns (three double-barrel 12-bores,
three magazine 10-bores,) three rifles, three revolvers; a large supply of ammunition
(explosive and solid balls), hunting-knives, fishing-tackle, compass, sextant, geometrical
instruments, canned food for forty days, appliance for renewing air, clothing, rubber
boots, apergetic apparatus, protection-wires, aneroid barometer, and kodaks.