A Journey in Other Worlds HTML version

"Ocean currents, being the result of the prevailing winds, which will be more regular than
at present, can be counted upon to continue practically as they are. It may not be plain to
you why the trade winds do not blow towards the equator due south and north, since the
equator has much the same effect on air that a stove has in the centre of a room, causing
an ascending current towards the ceiling, which moves off in straight lines in all
directions on reaching it, its place being taken by cold currents moving in opposite
directions along the floor. Picture to yourselves the ascending currents at the equator
moving off to the poles from which they came. As they move north they are continually
coming to parts of the globe having smaller circles of latitude than those they have left,
and therefore not moved forward as rapidly by the earth's daily rotation as the latitudes
nearer the equator. The winds consequently run ahead of the surface, and so move east of
north--the earth turning towards the east--while the heavier colder surface currents,
rushing towards the equator to take the place of the ascending column, coming from
regions where the surface whirls comparatively slowly to those where it is rotating faster,
are continually left behind, and so move southwest; while south of the equator a
corresponding motion results. Though this is not the most exact explanation, it may serve
to make the action clear. I will add, that if any one prefers a colder or a warmer climate
than that of the place in which he lives, he need only go north or south for an hour; or, if
he prefers his own latitude, he can rise a few thousand feet in the air, or descend to one of
the worked-out coal-mines which are now used as sanitariums, and secure his object by a
slight change of altitude. Let us speed the departure of racking changes and extremes of
climate, and prepare to welcome what we believe prevails in paradise--namely,
everlasting spring."
Appended to the address was the report of the Government Examining Committee, which
ran: "We have critically examined the Terrestrial Axis Straightening Company's figures
and calculations, also its statements involving natural philosophy, physics, and
astronomy, all of which we find correct, and hereby approve.
[Signed] "For the Committee:
The Board of Directors having ratified the acts of its officers, and passed congratulatory
resolutions, the meeting adjourned sine die.