A History of Philosophy in Epitome HTML version

best works for a
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text-book in our colleges, upon this neglected branch of scientific
investigation. The translation is made by a competent person, and
gives, I doubt not, a faithful rendering of the original.
Henry B. Smith.
Union Theological Seminary, New York, Nov. 6, 1855.
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Schwegler’s History of Philosophy originally appeared in the
Neue Encyklopädie für Wissenschaften und Künste.” Its great
value soon awakened a call for its separate issue, in which form it
has attained a very wide circulation in Germany. It is found in the
hands of almost every student in the philosophical department of a
German university, and is highly esteemed for its clearness,
conciseness, and comprehensiveness.
The present translation was commenced in Germany three years
ago, and has been carefully finished. It was undertaken with the
conviction that the work would not lose its interest or its value in
an English dress, and with the hope that it might be of wider
service in such a form
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to students of philosophy here. It was thought especially, that a
proper translation of this manual would supply a want for a
suitable text-book on this branch of study, long felt by both
teachers and students in our American colleges.