A History of Art in Ancient Egypt HTML version

London: CHAPMAN AND HALL, Limited.New York: A. C. ARMSTRONG
AND SON.1883.
London:R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor,BREAD STREET HILL.
M. Perrot's name as a classical scholar and archæologist, and M.
Chipiez's as a penetrating critic of architecture, stand so high that any
work from their pens is sure of a warm welcome from all students of
the material remains of antiquity. These volumes are the first
instalment of an undertaking which has for its aim the history and
critical analysis of that great organic growth which, beginning with the
Pharaohs and ending with the Roman Emperors, forms what is called
Antique Art. The reception accorded to this instalment in its original
form is sufficient proof that the eulogium prefixed to the German
translation by an eminent living Egyptologist, Professor Georg Ebers,
is well deserved; "The first section," he says, "of this work, is broad
and comprehensive in conception, and delicate in execution; it treats
Egyptian art in a fashion which has never previously been
approached." In clothing it in a language which will, I hope, enable it
to reach a still wider public, my one endeavour has been that it
should lose as little as possible, either in substance or form.
A certain amount of repetition is inevitable in a work of this kind when